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Boost your dogs natural ability to heal

Maintenance Plans

Only the best for my dogs means only the best for yours



It is of the utmost importance to follow these basic guidelines in addition to VG750™. It is important to provide a K-9 with a quality dog food, a daily exercise regiment based upon the K-9s physical condition and a quality dog bed. Following the prescribed steps will promote healthier joints and enhance overall mobility.



The first year VG750™ is not recommended for puppies less than a year old. (It is important to allow growth platelets to develop and mature undisturbed during the first year of a puppy’s life) Only in the event of a joint injury and under the recommendation of a veterinarian may VG750™be administered .


For any companion, working or competitive K-9 one year or older, a daily regiment of VG750™ is recommended to aid in the natural healing process while promoting strong muscle, tendons and ligaments.

Adolescent Maintenance:

 2-25lbs 1/2 tablet every other day
 26-50lbs 1/2 tablet daily
 50lbs+ 1 tablet daily



For all senior K-9s, VG750™ is recommended to enhance the natural healing process and aid in the restoration and mobility of the joints. VG750™ delivers analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which will aid in comforting K-9s suffering from the pains of degenerative joints.


Senior Maintenance:

2-25lbs 1/2 of 1 tablet daily
26-50lbs 1 tablet daily
50lbs+ 2 tablets daily

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