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Team VG750 In Action

all above photos by Ramsay Photography

2011 Hyperflite Skyhoundz Pairs Freestyle WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Endorsed by The 6 Time World Champion Disc Dog Team; Owner and Trainer - Frank Buckland, Sally Zinkhan & Shiloh.


Congratulations to our 2011 and 2012 Disc Teams!

In 2012 we had 2 teams (5 dogs) at the Worlds using VG750 with incredible results!

  • Laddie;  Women's Extreme Distance Unlimited Plastic and WON!!! So he is a World Champion!
  • Jelly; Women's Extreme Distance Micro Dog and WON!! AND now hold the WORLD RECORD at 171' 11".
  • Mat; Women's Extreme Distance Classic Plastic and got on the podium with a third place.
  • Shiloh; 2nd on Spot Landing with another handler, Tim Hauck
  • Steele; 2012 Time Trial World Champions! 4th in Spot Landing and 3rd in Freestyle!

Jenna and Trouble from local Sheriff department

2013 Team updates

Minnie is an 11 1/2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She has been doing agility since she was old enough for start!

In 2013 she qualified to compete in the 2013 USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) Cynosport World Games held in Murfreesboro, TN. Over 1000 dogs of all shapes and sizes competed. She was 8th overall in 8" Performance Snooker, and 11th overall in the 8" Performance Masters Challenge Biathlon.  Minnie has been on VG750 for about a year and the results are incredible. The aging process for this little bombshell has come to a screeching halt. I truly believe that VG750 is the fountain of youth!


The Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championships held in Chattanooga, TN in September 2013.  

All of these dogs are on VG750


Mat 5 year old Border Collie

 - 4th Women's Classic Plastic

 - 3rd Woman's Light Plastic

 - 10 Woman's Unlimited Plastic

In May, Mat was diagnosed with a bad case of Lyme's Disease a few weeks before a XD qualifier. We were not certain he would be able to compete with him. He was lethargic, had no stamina, and obviously had joint discomfort.  I started him on VG750 immediately after the diagnosis, along with the usual treatment of doxycycline. Mat bounced back so fast I couldn't believe it.  I can't help but think the VG750 helped speed the healing process!!!




Irie 3 year old Border Collie

 - 7th Womens Classic Plastic

 - 6th Women's Unlimited Plastic


Jelly 3 year old Corgi/Cattle Dog

 - 2nd Women's Micro Dog










Mat is the blue merle BC Irie is the black and white and Minnie is the corgi Jelly is the corgi mix


2014 Team updates

Jelly - Womens Micro Dog Xtreme Distance World Champion


Irie - 3rd Place Womens XTreme Distance Classic Plastic World Championship


Steele - Pairs Freestyle World Champion

Team VG750 is everyone (not just the pro's) who has there dog on VG750™. Come on join our team, just send a video or photo of your canine companion in action, tell us what VG750 has done for your dog and we'll get it up on our site!

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